Drawing has always been my passion. I am inspired to draw and paint according to my emotions at the time. I have always found drawing to be very therapeutic for me. I studied art at college but found my imagination screaming out to put my own stlye of drawing to paper. I absolutley adore figurative art and find myself reeling out fresh new designs, which cater for all tastes. I also have a collection of Angel and Astrology designs,which have been inserted into various products, such as Keyrings, Coasters, Calendars and much more. These products are ideal gifts as the designs I have come up with, say so much more than words and show your loved ones, how much you care.

You can order some of these gifts online at www.lovingmygifts.com. My work has been described as Unusual, Funky, Multicultural art. Every picture has a hidden story and only you can tell the tale.